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Saturday 19 July - Afternoon

Amphi Bleu


Les niveaux de guérison en homéopathie

Philippe Marchat, Saint-Abit, France


Efficacy of alternative medicine (homeopathy) for the relief of cancer pain: A prospective study
Farokh Master, Mumbai, India

The materia medica pura project: A systematic updating of our materia medica and repertory
André Saine, Montreal, Canada

When another methodology overcomes the shortcomings of the medical medica
Yves Maillé, Aix-en-Provence, France


Coffee Break

Successful and reliable homeopathic prescribing especially in acute cases using Bönninghausen’s therapeutic pocketbook with the polarity analysis from Dr. Heiner Frei

Klaus Rentrop, Hamburg, Germany

La maison du chaos

Jean-Marie Tribouillard, Annecy, France

Hahnemann: The traveller
Gaby Rottler, Weissenburg, Germany


Hahnemann in Paris

Olivier Rabanes, Paris, France


Closing Address

Philippe Servais, President

Room 252A


Homeopathic treatment with new remedies in myasthenia gravis, in multiple anal fistulas, in a case of cystic lesion on vocal cord
Subrah Nandy, Kolkata, India


Abcès dentaires et sclérose en plaque
Mathilde Vian, Istres, France


Clinical efficacy in chorionic hematoma
Karen Allen, Phoenix, United States

Paralytic ileus after ileocystoplasty in a patient with spinal cord injury
Susanne Pannek-Rademacher, Zug, Switzerland

 16.00             Coffee break


What is health? What is disease? Levels of disease
Kostas Pisios, Athens, Greece


Traitement homéopathique de l’encéphalomyélite myalgique post morsure de tique : une étude à propos de 120 cas cliniques
Frédéric Schmitt, Sarlat, France


The museum of homeopathy: Italian historical archive
Francesco Eugenio Negro, Rome, Italy


Homeopathic treatment of patients attending a rural primary health care clinic in the Valley of a Thousand Hills, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
Cornélia Hall, Durban, South Africa


Homeopathic management in depressive episodes: A prospective, unicentric, non-comparative, open label observational study
Praveen Oberai, Delhi, India


Room 253


Understanding Carcinosinum
Claudio Araujo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Proving of Culex Musca
Sergio Segantini, Firenze, Italy


Reporting of homeopathic pathogenetic trails: Main recommendations from a first analysis
Jean Pierre Jansen, Groningen, The Netherlands

Proving of Hekla Lava
Nicolienne Potgieter Steiner, Zug, Switzerland


Coffee Break 


Un cas de néphrose lipoïdique : Suivi au long cours (1995-2013). Quel niveau de guérison ?

François Gassin, Nantes, France


The availability of homeopathic medicines in the EU

Christiaan Mol, ECHAMP, Brussels, Belgium

Travaux de la société de perfectionnement en homéopathie du Nord, SPHN
Brigitte Bouche-Hennion, Laventie, France
Annick Tignon-Flament, Somain, France
Didier Deswarte, La Madeleine lez Lille, France
Christophe Soyez, Attiches, France


Room 251


My three decades of experience of homeopathic management in obstetric cases
Sagira Chimthanawala, Nagpur, India

Role of Homoeopathic medicines in prenatal and antenatal care
Sapna Gupta, Gwalior, India

Homeopathic management of urolithiasis in reproductive age group females: An evidence based study
Purnima Shukla, Gorakhpur, India

Evidence based study: Efficacy of homeopathic drugs in cases of kidney stones
Ritu Raj Agarwala, Burdwan, India


Coffee Break

My experience with end stage renal disease: Limitation of homeopathy
Pankaj Aggarwal, Dehli, India

Role of homeopathy in chronic renal failure
Varsha Joshi, Mumbai, India

Integrated medicine in a candidate for liver and kidney transplantation
Giuseppe Fagone, Verona, Italy

Basses dilutions en homéopathie avec observation d’algoneurodystrophie
Claude Jousset, Paris, France 
Homeopathy in urban primary healthcare units of the Delhi government: An assessment

Surender Verma, Delhi, India


Room 252B




A clinical study of the influence of homeopathic remedies over autonomic nervous system by measuring of heart rate variability in a group of 50 patients
Dora Pachova, Sofia, Bulgaria
  L’homéopathie dans la correction des facteurs de risque cardio-vasculaire
Bernard Payrau, France

The concept form: A criterion justifying the art of homeopathic healing – Life force: Game and counter game of the form between visible signs and invisible symptoms
Nello Fasolino, Turin, Italy

Clinico-angiographic profile in young patients of ischemic heart disease and scope of homeopathy
Aadil Chimthanawala, Nagpur, India
16.00 Coffee Break

De l’action homéopathique à l’effet psychothérapique
Pierre Lenthéric, Nîmes, France

The role of Italian avant-garde in the diffusion and application of Hahnemann’s medicine in 1800, new acquisitions on communication
Michela Ridolfi & Gaetano-Maria Miccichè Rome, Italy

A clinical study on continuation of action of fiftymillesimal potency after suspending its administration
Indrani Chakrabarti, Kolkata, India





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